Hank’s Helping Hand

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Hank was a lovable, large (some may say chubby, others would argue big-boned) orange tabby cat, who found himself as a stray in a Chicago-area humane society where Dr. Kristin worked as an animal caretaker the summer prior to entering vet school.  He had wandered into a kind woman’s backyard, befriended her Rottweiler and followed him inside where he immediately decided to share the dog bed until the Good Samaritan could bring him to the humane society.

Hank spent a month up for adoption at the shelter and when Dr. Kristin was ready to leave for vet school at Iowa State University, she decided to adopt him and take him with her on her journey to becoming a future shelter veterinarian. Over the next four years, Hank and Dr. Kristin would travel back-and-forth between Iowa and Chicago.

Throughout the years, as many animals are, Hank was a best buddy and great source of stress relief during tough course work of vet school. He was unfailingly open to a continuous influx of new foster animals and was always happy to share a spot on a lap with a new pet in need of some TLC. Hank was a truly special boy.

The Hank’s Helping Hand Fund was created to honor the unconditional love and bond that we share with our pet family members. This fund is designated to assist with unforeseen circumstances of surgeries performed at ABC Clinic. Donations will be used to provide funds for Michiana families in need of financial assistance spaying and neutering their pets as well as upgrading equipment to advance monitoring and care of our surgical patients.