Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the list of FAQs below for answers to common questions about the services offered at ABC Clinic. If you do not see the answer to your question, do not hesitate to give us a call at 574-291-7729 or email us at and we will be happy to assist you.

How old does my pet have to be to be spayed or neutered at ABC Clinic?

At the time of your appointment, your dog or cat must be at least 12 weeks (3 months) old to be spayed or neutered at ABC Clinic. We do offer spay or neuter services to shelter animals at younger ages.

Can I bring my dog or cat to ABC Clinic for vaccines, microchipping, or nail trim appointments only?

The ABC Clinic is currently offering vaccine appointments on Monday and Wednesday afternoons by appointment only. We only offer nail trims while your pet is here for surgery.

I have a stray cat or group of cats that lives near my house. Can I bring it to be spayed or neutered at ABC Clinic? Is there special pricing? How do I catch it and when can I bring it in?

Up to 2 stray, feral or barn cats per household can be brought to ABC Clinic without an appointment on Monday’s and Wednesday’s as long as they are brought in a live trap and receive an ear tip, which is the removal of the tip of the left ear indicating that the cat has been surgically spayed/neutered. With an ear tip, we charge $50 for spay or neuter for feral/barn/stray cats which includes ear tip and a rabies vaccine. If you need assistance trapping the cats, please contact one of the local groups located on the Feral of Free Roaming Cats tab of our Website.

Do you spay or neuter rabbits at ABC Clinic?

We only spay or neuter dogs and cats at ABC Clinic as we chose to focus on the two species that are most overpopulated in U.S. shelters. We do recommend discussing spaying or neutering your rabbits with your veterinarian.

Will my pet need to stay overnight?

No, we do not keep any pets overnight. All pick-ups will be the same day of surgery and you will be given instructions on aftercare.

My pet is in heat. Do I need to reschedule? 

There is no need to reschedule surgery if your dog or cat is exhibiting symptoms of being in heat. Our veterinarians are very experienced with performing this procedure. There is a $15 additional charge for animals in heat.

My dog or cat recently had surgery and the incision looks abnormal or he/she doesn’t seem completely back to normal. What should I do?

Please call the clinic at 574-291-7729 or email us at A member of our veterinary team will contact you to discuss the concern and if needed a recheck will be scheduled free of charge.

Why are your prices so low when other clinics charge much more for spaying and neutering?

The ABC Clinic is a high volume, low cost spay neuter clinic. Our team is focused specifically on developing efficient systems for spaying and neutering pets in safe and effective manners. Additionally, as a 501(c)3, we apply for grant funding to subsidize some of our special pricing and fund occasional surgical equipment purchases. Because we are not a full service clinic offering other services such as x-rays, ultrasound, dentistry, etc, we are able to lower our overhead costs and pass our savings along to our customers!

Will my pet be completely asleep during surgery or be in pain during the procedure? 

ABC Clinic uses modern anesthetics that provide complete general anesthesia. This means that all dogs and cats will be completely “asleep” and unaware for the surgery as well as having pain medication “on board” prior, during, and after the procedure.