Feral or Free Roaming Cats


We are accepting up to 5 feral/barn/stray cats as walk in appointments on Wednesday’s

*Cats must be in a trap and receive a rabies vaccine and ear-tip*

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for any changes

The Pet Refuge ABC Clinic works closely with many rescue groups who work diligently to reduce the number of feral or free roaming cats. If you are feeding or have feral or free roaming cats in your area, please contact one of the groups below.

For help with feral or free roaming cats in Elkhart County 

The Elkhart County Feral Cat Coalition helps spay/neuter cats in Elkhart County only. To receive more information & to view their website click here. 


For help with feral or free roaming cats in the Michiana Area

Meow Mission helps to spay/neuter cats in the Michiana area. To receive more information & view their website click here. 

Meow Mission Logo

Catsnip, Etc. helps to spay/neuter feral and barn cats in Elkhart. They also provide a Rodent Responder service for businesses and barns in search of feral/semi-social cats as mousers. To receive more information & view their website click here.