Samantha’s Fund

Dr. Hatch with Samantha

Samantha, Dr. Hatch’s beloved three-legged dog, was found as a stray at just four months old. She had been hit by a car and suffered from a broken leg. The on-call veterinarian plated and casted her left then left her to heal as he went on a month long leave. Upon his return, he found there had been a complication and the leg was not able to be saved. His solution was to euthanize her.

The clinic’s caretakers had grown quite fond of Samantha and wouldn’t let her go that easily. They found a compassionate and willing veterinarian to donate the time and expertise needed to amputate Samantha’s leg. After her leg was amputated, they were able to find Samantha her first home.

One year later, a three legged, pregnant Samantha was returned to the clinic, only this time Dr. Kari Hatch was working at the clinic and immediately bonded with Samantha. Through their first few weeks together, Samantha gave birth to 12 healthy puppies. Samantha was a wonderful mother to all of her puppies and they were able to find forever homes. Next, it was finally Samantha’s turn to feel what unconditional love was. Dr. Hatch officially adopted Samantha and their journey together began!

Samantha was lucky enough to see the world! Dr. Hatch and Samantha traveled from Caroline to Germany, to Michigan, and finally back to Indiana. Samantha had such a sweet soul. She was always willing to put up with the never-ending assortment through the house of nursing kittens, sick kittens, cats and dogs as well as new permanent cats, dogs, rats, and a husband.

Samantha’s fund was created in honor of the incredible bond and unconditional love we all share with our furry companions. This fund is designated to help with unforeseen circumstances of surgeries performed at the ABC Clinic. Donations to Samantha’s Fund will be used to provide funds for parents of pets from Michiana families in need of financial assistance.